Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keeping busy and a new shop

crocheted flower bookmark

I again, have to apologize for my absence...but I have found a way to keep busy, which is doing another thing that I love: crocheting! With these cold Winter days, and no need to go out, and as we know, one can only clean so much (!)...it was time to find something I could do, that would not only occupy me, but work as a kind of physical therapy on my hands. 

With the onset of having tendonitis in both rotor cuffs, I have also developed calcium deposits in the palm my right hand, on the bones, which creates a lot of stiffness and makes my fingers lock up. (Left hand...same thing, but I am right-handed.) I needed some 'thing' to do that would keep my fingers from staying stiff...so I went back to what I really enjoy doing during the Winter.

I have made doilies, bookmarks, baskets/bowls, pot holders, scarves for my grandchildren, and the list goes on. It was through a sweet friend, that I opened an Etsy shop to sell many of my creations. I named the shop: Serendipitousmakings. (What else!  LOL)

Here are some of the things I've made in the last month or so...




another basket/bowl

lidded basket/bowl...all my own creation!

cross bookmark


light green doily

white doily

pot holders (made for my daughter)

latest scarves I made for my grandchildren

If you are interested, please stop by my Etsy shop...and see what I am up to!  If you are living outside of the US, you can message me at my shop and we can discuss price and shipping costs to where you live!  Never hesitate to ask!

Thanks for stopping by...