Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot days and cool places - Part 2

Although the day was very warm and we had passing rain showers, this past Tuesday, we went on another adventure to a lesser known park, Havana Glen Campground & Eagle Cliff Falls which is found in Montour, NY. 

Havana Glen/Eagle Cliff Falls:

Tucked away in an area where a deep gorge cuts through the hills, this is truly a gorgeous and rugged area where an unsuspecting visitor will find wonderous beauty. Boasting a picnic area, a small playgound, the falls itself and pool beneath the falls in which swimmers can cool off. 

Here's our photo journey:

water trickling downhill

walkway along the gorge

decades of water cutting through the rock

the creek

looking down into a pool

the walkway next the the creek

wet stone from the rain

water splashing downhill

entering the dead end where the falls is

looking toward the falls

the falls and pool

water spray

clear water ripples

water pools

one can walk behind the falls

a close up of the falls

walkway to the falls on the right

deep cuts into the rock

smaller versions of a falls


looking down at the creek

fissures in the rock

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