Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh deer...

Tasty bean greens! 7/8/12

I am still amazed every time I see a deer or another wild animal...they are such marvelous creatures to watch! I have had the good fortune over the past couple of weeks to get some decent shots of some deer that have visited the field across the road from us.

I got this gal right before she headed into the weeds, and I didn't know she was there until I was alerted by my brother.


I decided to keep a more frequent watch of the field and was rewarded two mornings later with a mamma doe and her twins.

At first, they came out of the weeds calmly...7/8/12

But children must play...7/8/12

Oops...not too sure footed, apparently!  7/8/12
That evening, the two adults were back out, and feeding.

Yummy greens!  7/8/12

Alert to sights and sounds...7/8/12

They moved within a small area to eat, never venturing far
from the edge of the field.  7/8/12

Here...she sees me but is more curious than afraid. 7/8/12

A full belly must have weighed on her...she laid down. 7/8/12

It wasn't long before they became antsy and decided to head into the safety of the weeds and woods.

For whatever reason...they became spooked...7/8/12

Off they go....7/8/12

Safety in the weeds...7/8/12
Not twenty minutes later, by chance I looked back over in the field, and both doe were back out there!  

Even though I have my camera set on silent mode, I swear she knew I was taking photos!

All ears...7/8/12

They get bit-up too by bugs!

Ouch...ouch...I gotta bite!  7/8/12

And need a brief rest...

Okay...I'll lay down and watch you eat...7/8/12

Nah--I'll lay down and rest too!  7/8/12

This is the space between the two!  7/8/12

I love watching these animals! They are so graceful and unassuming...we could learn a lot from them!

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  1. Nice photos of your neighborhood deer! The fawns are so cute! And clumsy! LOL Looking forward to seeing more photos of your creatures soon... :-)


    1. Oh the fawns are clumsy and sooo funny to Watch! LOL

      There will be more pics soon...

  2. They are really timid. That is cool you were able to get so many good shots of them, Skyangel. :)

    Keep them coming.