Saturday, April 27, 2013

38 hours without the Internet

You know the old saying about 'you don't know what you've got until it's gone'? Well, in today's world, that really holds true for most of us...because of all the technology that we have available to us. Cell phones, computers, the internet...etc.

We don't think about it...99.9% of the time it's right there. We turn on the computer and we are connected right away with the world. Turn on our cell phones and we have instant access to anyone we wish or need to call. 

Then 'poof' it's gone in an instant. 

Wednesday evening, around 7 p.m., I'm on the computer, checking emails, reading things on my wall on Facebook, checking my Etsy minute I was connected...and the next, no internet. 



We waited about an hour, thinking maybe the storm that had rolled through our area at about the same time had knocked something out temporarily, but after an hour and a half I called to find out if maybe something else was wrong. The service tech and I were on the phone a good 45 minutes, trying everything...and the conclusion was that the modem had died. We'd get a new one within a day...or two.

Thursday, I called the service department again and received a message that the internet service was down for our whole area, however there was no given time frame as to when the repairs would be completed.


Well, even though I am on and off the computer all day and into early evening, I was still at a loss not having that immediate access to the sites I frequent. No looking up something, no interaction with my friends, just a darkened monitor and a quiet tower.

I am thankful though that I come from a time when there was no such thing as internet, that I have books to read, crocheting to do...things to fill my idle time. Yet...I still felt that loss, you know? Even I am addicted to that instant technology! Sigh.......

Yesterday morning (Friday) the UPS truck came and dropped off the modem and being the geeky person that I can be, I got everything hooked-up and within 5 minutes, I was back online. At last!!!

38 hours without the internet was 38 hours too long! 


Do you remember this ad?

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  1. It is funny how when we don't have something anymore that we've always counted on & have taken for granted, it suddenly becomes more important than ever. I remember the few times I've been without a car - even though I don't often go out, just the fact that I CAN'T go out makes it utterly excruciating to be so inconvenienced with the unavailability of my car! So there's suddenly a million places I have to go just at the time I have no car (yet if it WERE there, I'd most likely be content to stay home!LOL)
    It is different with the internet though, as most of us ARE on it daily. So it's much worse to be denied access to something you count on to use EVERY day.
    Anyway, glad you're back online! :-)
    Nope, I don't remember the commercial, but that girl looks very familiar - I know I've seen her before.


    1. Actually, she is an actress now, when I was looking for her on YouTube, it gave her name, but I don't recall it now! LOL

      Yep...have been back, and gone, and back, and gone...seems since last night they have been having issues...AGAIN!

  2. How annoying! Hope your provider gets their act together & you get reliable service again SOON!


    1. Well, whatever it was yesterday, it's been fixed as we haven't had any issues since! (Whew!) 8-)