Saturday, July 6, 2013

A new chapter begins

bouquet of flowers

After the ordeal in Wisconsin almost 20 months ago (found in my earlier blogs from 2 Summers ago) , I swore I was done with men and relationships. I had enough of the lies and deceptions; I'd had enough of making bad choices and no longer trusted myself to make a 'good' decision where men were concerned; I needed time to "find" me again...dealt with the knowledge that if I never met someone, I would be content to remain single until my last breath. 

And really...who would want "me"? That's the biggest thought I lived with all of this time. 

Then...something happened that changed everything for me.

Mike and I went to school together, so many years ago...and had become 'friends' on Facebook almost 2 years ago. We had moments of conversations over that time, nothing more than a comment here and there, and I could see that he was living a good life down South. (Between Florida and New Orleans.) He seemed happy in the relationship he was in...and life seemed good for/to him.

Then, in late May, I saw a comment or status update of his, and I offered a kind word...and began to wonder what was going on. I went to his page and there, discovered that he was not living in New Orleans but was back here in New York, and single. That blew me away!

We began chatting a little more on Facebook, exchanged cell phone numbers, and one day Mike called me...wanting to come and visit 'an old school friend' and do some reminiscing and catching up on our lives. I honestly hesitated...excited in the knowledge that he wanted to do this, yet afraid of what he might think of my looks now. I fought my own fear and told him yes...he could come visit me. 

I won't deny that I was extremely nervous...36 years is a long time since our time together in school. I was scared too...of so many things...but they were internalized...I was scared of 'me'.

About one o'clock he arrived, climbing out of his car and giving me a bouquet of fresh wild flowers. A while later he took me to lunch at a local diner. We talked, and talked, came back home...and talked more. 

It was amazing that we are so much alike, finding ourselves on the same page about an infinite number of things, it was amazing and incredible that we meshed so well! I never thought something like this could be possible.

As the hours passed, he ate supper with my brother, niece and I, and then decided he should say goodbye about 8:30 p.m. that evening. He hugged me and I have to tell you that I didn't want to let Mike go! After he left...I was so lost!

How is that even possible???

Later that evening, we chatted again on Facebook, and I told him that I missed him terribly, that I was scared of what I was feeling...and hadn't wanted him TO which he replied that he hadn't wanted to end his visit, but felt he should...and very much missed me too. 

Weeks have passed since then, and we actually started an official relationship on June 1st. In these last weeks, we have become so much closer, and although it has been just a handful of weeks, it feels like I/we have known each other a very long time.

I have never known this kind of love and understanding...we are true soulmates in every sense of the word. It is absolutely wonderful!

Have a wonderful weekend...





  1. I hope and pray that things will work out for the best for both you and Mike.

  2. I'm beyond happy for you! Love you lots! And those flowers he brought you are BEAUTIFUL! :-)

    1. Love you too! And they were GORGEOUS! I pressed 2 of them as keepsakes!