Friday, August 8, 2014

Nimble Fingers

Doily clock

Although I haven't been very active on here for some time, rest assured that I have been somewhat busy elsewhere! One can usually find me posting things to my Etsy site: Serendipitousmakings where you will find the items that I will show here and so much more!

I usually crochet only at night while watching TV but grab ideas and patterns from every source out there!  

As you saw above, I have crocheted doily is another design:

doily clock

I have created a few card designs, using my own hand drawing and adding either a crocheted dragonfly, butterfly or flowers:

flower bouquet

dragonfly with cattail

I have also made soda or water bottle cozies:

water bottle cozi
 I've recently made a variety of key chains:


tiny bag to carry change or an extra key in

a miniature, functional purse to carry change in....

crocheted rings, sliver chain and silver beads adorn this keyring

pretty flower

chapstick or lipstick holder to carry on your purse, jacket or keys

In my Etsy store you will find more doilies, baskets, kitchen helpers...please feel free to check it out!  

As well, you can find Serendipity on Facebook...a place dedicated to words of wisdom, sincerity, strength, courage and growth--be it spiritual or emotional/mental!

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Have a great day/evening...thanks for stopping by!