Friday, August 5, 2011

An act of kindness

Over the last handful of years, we all have often heard about people who have touched another's life through a random act of kindness.  Although I try to do the same, offer help when I can, it seems nice to have it reciprocated when put in a rough spot.

This past week, while my daughter and I were headed to a garage to have the oil changed, we heard a noise that alerted us to the fact that we had a tire going flat.  She pulled off the side of the road, and I got out to look...and our worry was confirmed...we had a flat tire on the front driver's side.

We opened the trunk and started getting the jack out as well as the spare (donut) tire when I realized we did not have a lug wrench of any sort in the car.  She called a family member who was luckily down the road a ways, to come help us out.

Although I have changed flat tires in the past, I am no longer in a physical position to do so.  My back...spine...has herniated discs and severe arthritus in the lower the only thing I could do...once a lug wrench arrived, would be to talk my daughter through the process.

While we were waiting, an elderly gentleman pulled up, and did more than offer his assistance, he went so far as to change the tire.  The whole time, he said little and when the task was done, we said thank you and he was gone.  We never even found out his name.

Even though the family members did show up just before the man was finished we ended up not needing their help after all!

Selfless acts like this gives me faith in our fellow man again...while there is so much wrong with the world...there are a few people out there who still aren't afraid to lend a hand. 

Chances are that he will never come across this...but if on a fluke that gentleman does...many thanks again!

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