Monday, October 1, 2012

Images of Fall in New York

This morning, Oct. 1, 2012

Well, Summer has passed in a blur of gardening, reflection, observation and enjoying a simple life. Now, with cooler temperatures settling in, the plants in the garden are fading fast and the leaves on the trees are changing colors and beginning to fall like snow.

And of course, here I am, with my camera always at the ready to capture whatever I can...I do try to take at least one photo a day!  Needless to say, I have an always constant supply of photos to s

We started seeing the leaves changing colors in early September. First came the yellowing of various trees.

Sugar maples  went quickly into the pinks and reds.

Other trees across the hillsides began to show signs too...

Now, we really are beginning to see the hillsides evolve into more and more colors:

While some trees are only just beginning to lose the green in their leaves.

Sadly, it isn't long after the leaves have reached the height of their color, the leaves begin to fall with each breeze and gust of wind.


We are still in the phase though, of colors becoming more and more vibrant, with plenty of trees yet TO lose their green coloring.

These next two photos are from my back porch this morning. The maple trees are such a wonderful shade!

Here is a tree that is almost Christmasy!


A sumac tree that has gone into it's seasonal leaf change...

Maples that are various phases of change...

And finally, a maple that has gone into mostly red...

There will be more to come, rest I am trying to document via photos, our seasonal changes here in New York, USA.

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  1. So beautiful! Nice photos, Deb! Enjoyed this one! I'm glad you have such a lovely home there!