Friday, October 19, 2012

My apologies

Moon...10/19/12  6:05 p.m. EST

I want to offer my sincere apologizes to my followers for not having wrote anything substantial in a while. My mind has been all over the place for weeks on end, and I have really had a hard time focusing on any one thing for long.

And I don't know why...but I have a feeling that it is another facet of my depression. 

As well, it has been a busy Summer and early Fall for me. I had all my teeth removed back in the early Spring, then had to wait for over 2 months before I could have the dentist build my dentures. One more Wednesday, and I will be the proud owner of some new teeth! (I can actually "chew" again, and even eat the foods that I have missed sooo much!!!)

Of course, there was the garden that we tended to and harvested; the photography; many hours of just sitting outside watching the birds and the clouds, and feeling the breezes on my face. 


With the school year starting, came obligations for me to get my neice off to school in the morning, and pick her up at night after volleyball practice or her games. As well, she has been in physical therapy (1-2 times a week), so we are up and on the road before the sun begins to rise. After therapy...I drop her off to school.

Last week, I saw the surgeon that put cortisone in my shoulders earlier this year, as I have suddenly developed a lump on the inside of my right wrist. Monday I will have an MRI on it, to determine whether it is a tumor or an aneurysm...and hopefully it won't turn out to be cancerous. 

(I will also be getting another round of cortisone in both's time. The pain is getting to be almost unbearable again. I don't like this 'getting older' body wants to give up on me!  Sigh...)

But that's a brief summary of what's going on in my life...and I am trying to get myself pulled together again after enjoying the Summer way-too-much and letting my mind drift way-too-far!

Thanks for reading...!



  1. Hey, you'll have your new teeth just in time for your birthday, kiddo!!! Cool beans! :-) Maybe go get a Subway sub??? :-)
    I sure hope the wrist bump will turn out to be nothing serious. Keep us updated. Sorry to hear the shoulders are doing badly. Hopefully the shots will have you feeling much better soon!
    Much love to you...-L-

    1. Not sure what I will get to eat that I haven't...but I am excited! This will all work out...I'll be fine! I don't stay off my feet for long! LOL

      Love ya!