Friday, March 22, 2013

March 2013 images

Geese have come to visit...

So, I've been lax about adding too many posts lately, but it's not out of laziness...but either being busy or having problems with my shoulders (in which I have tendonitis in both rotor cuffs). However, I still have been taking photos...which I can do with one hand, thankfully!

So here is a collection of photos I've taken this month...from frosted hillsides to feeding deer and honking geese. Enjoy!

March, so far, has been a very snowy, blustery and snowy month for us here in upstate, New York. These next 5 photos were taken on March 3rd, 2013...and as you can see, we've had frosted trees, and a bit of snow to boot. Out of this particular storm, we received about 3-4 inches of snow when it was all said and done.

At the break of dawn almost every morning, I have had the delight of seeing deer out behind our house in the field. The herd itself, totals no less than 18 deer, but within the herd are two distinct groups, which more-or-less travel a bit apart and rarely mingle. 

In these next 5 photos, are deer from the first group that passed through on this morning, March 6th. (I apologize for the photos not being wonderfully clear, I was shooting out through the kitchen door. Had I gone outside, they all would have bolted.)

 Sunrise, March 10th, was a sight to see...purples, blues, pinks and yellows:

 And a little later, a lonely crow sat in the top of a tree:

 These photos below, are of the second group of deer that wandered through about 7:30 a.m., March 15th. Because there was more daylight to work with, these photos turned out much clearer.

One morning, late, I happened to walk into the kitchen and something really bright caught my eye!  Mr. Cardinal had come to visit!

And so did, Mrs. Cardinal!

But even more exciting to me, was seeing geese back in the field, throughout the day!  On this day, March 19th, the field was loaded with geese!

Yesterday, the 21st, I was really lucky that the pair below, had gotten very close to the edge of our yard! And boy...were they noisy!  

I hope you have enjoyed the photos...more soon! Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Loved the photos. Very beautiful.

  2. Great photos, Deb! Especially loved the deer photos, the sunrise & the cardinal shots! I'm thinking the Mr Cardinal would make an exceptionally lovely greeting card too!


    1. Still working on adding worries there! :) Thank you!!!