Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shawn Campbell--Handyman Killer--asking for Assistant D.A. as witness

Yesterday, my son, Shawn Campbell...who was labeled as the "Handyman Killer" was in court again...asking for another trial, as well as having an unusual request: that the Assistant D.A. Brooks Baker be called as a witness.  

What this means is that IF Mr. Baker is called as a witness, the D.A.'s office will have to be replaced by a special prosecutor!  Go Shawn and Mr. Valley!

Again, Shawn's former lawyer, Mr. K. was mentioned...as having coerced Shawn's guilty plea, as well as with-holding important evidence that would have changed the course of the trial. That is likely to be addressed in the weeks to come.

Shawn's Aunt Kathy (Overholt) said it all in the video:  "The truth will come out in the end."


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