Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuned in on Another Frequency

It was a warm, pleasant day to go out for recess at lunch time, and the child I was then was as eager as my classmates to get outside to play for a bit before getting stuck in the classroom again.  I recall being in being in a higher elementary grade...4th or 5th...old enough to remember but yet not old enough to understand what was about to happen to me.

After eating my lunch, I quickly walked through the hallway that led to the play ground area that was reserved for those of us that were in grades 4 through 6. I plowed through the glass doors and as I rounded the side of the building, something happened to me, and it happened so fast that I had no time to react.  It was a sudden vision of two boys fighting on the playground around the corner from where I was at that moment.

I only hesitated for a few seconds then went out around the corner of the building, and there...two boys were fighting, just like I witnessed in the vision.  That did stop me in my tracks.  I remember being confused, scared, unsure of what had just happened to me.  I know that for the rest of the time we were outside for recess, I didn't speak to anyone...what would I say?

I asked my mom about what had happened to me and she told me that it was called a premonition and she herself had that happen to her before.  She told me not to worry or be afraid...some people had the ability to see into the future.  Apparently, we fell into that category.

The next time that it happened, I was 13.  Mom had gone with my aunts and uncles on a trip to Florida to visit family, so it was left up to me to make sure that my little brother and sister were taken care of as well as put to bed.  Dad was close-by, on the farm just a few minutes walk up the road from our house, but he wasn't involved in the day to day care of the house or us kids.

The sun was going down, and night was fast approaching as I went through and did the chores that were required of me, as well as getting my homework done for school.  My brother and sister were already asleep, dad was still at the barn milking cows, so the house was very quiet.  

I suddenly heard what sounded like a baby crying, and it sounded very close-by.  The baby cried and cried and I worked my way first through the house, room by room, finding nothing out of the ordinary.  Both of my siblings were sound asleep, so I ruled them out as being behind the crying that I'd heard.

When the crying started again, I went into the cellar and finally, walked all the way around the outside of house, looking for the source of the crying...with no luck.  By now, I was beyond curious, and was down right afraid.  I already knew that a panther "could" make that kind of sound...and I knew that we had them out there in the country where we lived.  But that still did not make sense either because if I was in the house, the crying sounded like it was inside with me, if I went outside, it came from outside.

I gave up and went back inside, knowing that if something was wrong, dad would be home soon to help me find out what was going on.  The phone rang a little bit later, it was mom calling and she was crying up a storm.  She said she missed us kids sooo much, which was why she had been crying.

I told her about the sounds of a baby crying, and she said it was probably due to her crying before she actually got on the phone to call.  It was just that it presented itself as a baby crying instead of her...that I had in a sense had a premonition that wasn't as clear as the ones I'd had in the past.

Over the years, I've had more but they are sporadic...maybe one every few years.  I've been told time and again, that I need to open myself up more to allow them to come (the premonitions) although I have never pursued it...I didn't know that it's something that I wanted to be a part of my every day life.  As it was, the ones that I have had, although not in any way bad or sinister, was enough to scare me and it messed with my mind and emotions.

Now--it wouldn't be so bad if a premonition did come...I think that I am better prepared to handle them.  I won't force the issue though...I have enough to boggle my mind daily as it is!

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