Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rudely awakened: Dog poo

As I may have mentioned in an earlier blog, when I came back from Wisconsin last October, I moved in with my brother, my niece and their dog Tucker (a Springer Spaniel). Life here has been very pleasant for me, and very much different than having lived with my daughter and three grand-children.

I am used to living with dogs...I've had them most of my life, all kinds of breeds and sizes, so nothing really surprises me, except for their individual personalities. I am used to accidents they may make and have no problem cleaning them up...some one has to, you know?

Well, Tucker is no exception...he has his own unique personality, complete with quirks...which make us laugh! In this video is one of his quirks...going around and around and around...

Anyway, we changed dog foods about a week ago, which was a HUGE mistake. Tucker is already a very gassy dog and as anyone knows, there is almost nothing worse than dog farts. Ugh! This new food really made him even gassier and smellier...it's been horrible!

This morning, I woke up around 4:00 a.m. and since my alarm wasn't due to go off until 5:00...I tried to go back to sleep and had just about succeeded when I heard this noise which almost sounded like Tucker was scratching at the carpet. But I knew that sound and shot up out of my bed...turned on the light and low and behold...I had a mess to clean up.

And boy-oh-boy did it ever smell!

Apparently, this food is also severely bothering his stomach as he has never done this before since I have been here. I ran him outside and he was far from through going potty...poor fella!

Once inside, I cleaned the mess...using "Resolve Spray and Wash" to remove the slight stain in the carpet. (Stuff works wonders!) I had to "Febreeze" the room though...the poo-smell just seemed to linger. Ugh!

So here I sit and it's just before 6:00...and I thought I would tell my little tale of being rudely awakened!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh man - what a RUDE awakening!!! LOL!

  2. Not pleasant to face any time but at 4am? :(

    1. No--not pleasant at any time...but it's worse when you just wake up...my marbles haven't had time to re-adjust themselves! LOL