Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day:

As a child in grade school, I can remember the excitement of coming home a day or two before Valentine's Day to find a brand new, unopened box of those little miniature Valentine cards (with those tiny little envelopes) that I would hand out in school during our party to my classmates. There was nothing like looking through all the cards and sayings while breathing in the smell of new paper!

On the day of the party, there was so much excitement when handing out the Valentines to my classmates, sticking each one into a handmade Valentine mailboxes or huge heart-shaped envelopes (depending on the teacher and what we chose to make) that we had made and scotch-taped to the front of our desks. It was a lot of fun delivering them, but even more so opening the ones that I'd received!

Once in Junior High (7th & 8th grades) those parties ceased. If I gave out Valentines it was strictly to those friends that I was close to...primarily my best friends and friends that were on my bus to/from school, as well as teachers and favorite bus drivers.

In Senior High, giving out Valentines ceased entirely. It was too "childish" and I didn't have a boyfriend that was romantic enough to buy a card or even a gift for me. Not that it upset me...as I later learned, my husbands were forgetful or lacked charm and romance...period...to be bothered.

Over the years, it's just become another day with no special meaning for me...and honestly, I don't mind at all! I enjoy being single and with that, am able to 'treat' myself according to my whims and desires. I think that's more 'fun' for me than receiving a random gift or a romantic card!!!

However for those of you that do celebrate the day with your loved ones and significant others...Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. I remember all those childhood Valentine parties & little goofy cards everyone passed out to each other in school! So much fun! :-)
    I still like Valentines Day. I get more attention because it's also my bday! LOL


    1. Of course you still like Valentine's Day! You are an extremely lucky lady to also have a birthday on that holiday as well! And what a week you have had! 8 )