Thursday, February 16, 2012

When teachers go too far

Every week we are bombarded in the media with articles about teachers going too far in one way or another. For some time though, they have been mostly about teachers that have done the unthinkable: gotten into some kind of romantic and/or sexual affair with a student. 

This morning though, I came across an article about a teacher who is also a coach, that went too far in a different way: making "insensitive and vulgar comments in front of students and players", as well as picking on the students that have come down with the mystery illness at Le Roy school in upstate NY.

It seems that his insensativity led him to make up a chant while his basketball team (York) was playing against Le Roy's that went:  “One, Two, three, Tourette’s!” And supposedly this was said in the locker room and not on the basketball court.

Falk reportedly qualified his ‘joke,’ telling his players, “I’m just kidding.”

Well, his kidding cost him...he was removed from the coach position but maintains his job as an 8th grade Math teacher. Somehow...that doesn't sit well with me.

It makes me sick to think that these men and women, who have such positions of authority, abuse that for any reason to fit into an agenda that they might have going in their tweaked minds. Children are really no longer safe...because we don't know who that teacher will be that will step over the line...verbally, mentally, emotionally, and yes--even sexually. 

I know that school districts try as hard as they can to weed out any possible person that might not be quality teacher material...but I know that it's not a perfect system and sometimes, those teachers that do commit these offenses against students aren't always a newbie in the field but rather have been teaching a long time.

It seems like morals, common sense and children being sacred to us as a society has been tossed to the wayside. As I said makes me sick.


  1. I agree he should not be in his job as math teacher either. What a jerk. I know why many parents decide to home school their kids!

    1. I agree! And more and more parents are resorting to home schooling for these very reasons!