Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little Red

The red squirrel I've named "Little Red"

In the days that I have been absent from my blog, several things have happened, but the most exciting is that I have finally met our resident red squirrel. I knew we had one that visited the pines at the edge of the yard, but didn't realize that he lived 'local'!  

My first photo of Little Red, about a week and a half ago,
playing under some pines

My second photo of Little Red, playing in our back yard
about a week later!

I didn't discover that little fact until a few days ago, when I was walking to the mailbox. I saw Little Red run up our big tree in front of the house, but didn't have my camera with me (I mean who walks to the mailbox with their camera?) so I waited perhaps about 20 minutes and then quietly snuck back out and Little Red actually sat and let me get photos of him as he nibbled on a morsel he must have found.

Very watchful as he sat on a piece of curled-up bark

It almost looks like he's eating a green grape!

Must be good!

And still watching me....

Lunch is finished...

Look at how long his nails are!

I was really pleased with the way these photos turned out, but imagine my delight, when Little Red decided to get even braver still and came up onto the back deck this morning where I was sitting, to lick the sugar residue that had fallen from the Hummingbird feeder! What follows is the sequence of photos I took:

He acted like he/she had no fear of me what-so-ever

I didn't realize that squirrels like sugary stuff!

Look at him go to town in the next photos!


Alert, but not afraid

He climbed up on the railing and had a royal feast!

He's lovin' it!

He stayed quite a few minutes cleaning up the sugar!

Lick, lick, lick!

Then he turned this way...

and that way...

and he couldn't bear to leave any behind...

then back to the top...

and had to get the outside too!

After several minutes, he hopped off the deck, ran across the yard and climbed the shed to sit on the roof for a few minutes.

Go Little Red go!

Checking out his territory?
He soon got off the shed, played around the back side of it for a bit, then ran around the garage and went 'home'. I've seen him a few times since then but not close to the back or side decks, but apparently he got his fill of sugars for today!

(Okay, I have an admission here...I don't know if this is one and the same red squirrel in each batch of photos, as I have seen two of them playing in the back yard. Nor do I know whether they are male or female...I haven't had the fortune to be able to 'see'!)

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you enjoyed Little Red!


  1. LOL. Love them all! Great pics, Deb! Thanks for sharing. Continue to enjoy your furry friends. :)

    1. I will! Next to get some pics of a gray squirrel I noticed here a week ago too...the yard is coming alive with all kinds of birds and critters!

      Thanks, Marg!

  2. What adorable photos of your "Little Red"! Great shots!
    My father has befriended many squirrels and chipmunks over the years. He calls them all "Charlie." They've followed him around the yard, coming up to sit on his shoe if he's sitting down, and eating the sunflower seeds he gives them. I remember as a kid there was one neighborhood squirrel that was everyone's pet. He got soooo FAT, going from house to house, being spoiled to death with all kinds of treats.


    1. Thanks, -L-! This is the first time that I have ever been so close to a far as getting photos! He's a brave little one, I will give him that! I know we have a gray squirrel some place near-by and chipmunks too...will be looking to get photos of them too!