Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Looking up at the clouds

What do you see???

Even as a child, the sky has always been mysteriously beautiful to me. I can't remember there ever being a time that I wasn't looking up...watching the sky, the clouds and even storms rolling in. 

What follows, is a journey through the last week of such sky-watching.

The photo above was taken on a gray day, but the clouds did not bring the much needed rain.
sunset 5/15
I love when I can capture the rays coming off the clouds like this one.

Sometimes the clouds roil and roll...often before a storm, but not always.

This was a storm from building...5/21/2012

And building...

This one looks like an explosion behind the tree!
 Sometimes...the colors put me in awe, as well as the way the layers of clouds do:

I love the depth of colors and layers...
Here's another, only minutes later
The following night, May 22nd, these were what we were seeing at sunset:

Notice again the layers...as well as the height that can be

This one was in the opposite direction but building at the same
time. This is what became a thunderhead.

From a distance...not so menacing...

And the first photo (above) flattened-out some, and the sun add some
coloring to it as well.
Not always is the sky so violent-seeming...there are days that pass where there are smaller clouds that scud across the sky...


Random shapes and sizes...5/31/2012
The next four photos are probably my favorite. It looks like an airbrush painted the sky!


Amazing that the clouds create wisps like this, you know? 


And tonight, the clouds...well, I'll let you see for yourself:

This was at 4:00 this afternoon...6/5/2012
Then, to my left:

This was about 30 minutes later...and this is only half of the
whole sky...
And above the house: 

The clouds continued to form a line that separated it clear
across the sky.

And this is where the 'tear' began in the clouds.
Every once in a while, I get a lucky shot as I am driving down the road, and this last one was just that...a lucky shot. Barely visible in the fog, rises a wind turbine.

A lone turbine almost completely hidden by the fog.
Thanks for stopping by...I am positive that there will be more cloud photos to share in the near future!

Be well!


  1. What wonderful photos you've posted! You've captured the beauty and majesty of clouds! Even the ominous ones are spectacular! I really enjoyed your post! Thanks!


    1. You are welcome! As I said...I love looking at the sky and clouds...and if I can share that...I will!