Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rainy days and Sundays

Fog on the hillside 6/4/2012

As a child, I can remember absolutely hating rainy days, especially when they hit on the weekend, and of the two days, the worst was when it was a rainy Sunday. I would often lay down and take a nap in the afternoon...out of sheer boredom. Then, the smells of supper cooking would wake me from a deep sleep.

So gray and dismal...6/4/2012

What I didn't know then, and didn't learn until several years ago, I had depression which became full-blown on days like that, and even now...these kinds of days still put me under the weather with feeling very sleepy, and having a low energy level. 

rain drops on the wires...6/4/2012

I-hate-rainy-days!!!    And especially rainy Sundays. 

raindrops hitting the deck...6/4/2012
As anyone with depression knows...depression is often made worse by certain environmental factors. Rainy or gray days make it worse for a lot of us. Being stuck inside during gray Winter days have the same deepens the depression. 

rain pouring off the deck roof...6/4/2012
It is often termed as being "seasonal" depression...but it's not the whole season that bothers me...just the gray days.

raindrops on the leaves...6/4/2012
Although I can get through the days, the seem horribly long, and often-times really boring. My energy levels seem drained. 

rain drops hitting a puddle...6/4/2012
Today is exactly THAT kind of day. I have done some housework, wrote a letter to my son, and done some other things, but trust me...I had to fight myself to get those things done.

the clouds seem to have unzipped...6/4/2012
Well...I think I hear a nap calling my thanks for reading, and I truly hope that the sun is shining down on you, where ever you are!


  1. I hate those gray, gloomy, rainy days too! I'd much rather live in sunny Florida - or anywhere else warm & sunny! But then I always have to remember wherever there is warmth, that is where the bugs & spiders also thrive! At least in Michigan we have a season that is so intolerable that it kills those suckers off! But I find it intolerable too & barely manage to live through it year after dreary year! *sigh*

    We were supposed to have gotten rain yesterday, but it never came. Good thing since we were out in the boat on Union Lake with family!


    1. And ditto with warm weather and SNAKES!!! Ugh-I hate them things! LOL

      It's still been nasty here all! :(