Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's go gophering...images of a 13 Lined Ground Squirrel

I'm always up to seeing new kinds of wildlife and here in Wisconsin, I was able to see and watch a new creature that is unfamiliar to me.  The 13-Lined Ground Squirrel is something that we do not have in NY...and this one was particularly amusing as the images show!

13 Lined Ground Squirrel (aka Striped Gopher) does not (to me) seem like a gopher, yet they are listed in that category.  Part squirrel, part rodent, part chipmunk...these little animals seem to be an all-in-one creature!

On my first days here, the following 3 photos were taken out in the yard.  Then, this particular fellow (or female as I have no way of knowing their sex) was very shy.
I had to use the zoom to even get a close-up view of him...
And try as I might, he would not sit pretty for me!
Yesterday, while outside, he was back in his favorite part of the yard...and has since grown accustomed to my presence.  I was able to get several poses of him...
 Here's looking at you...LOL
I had to wonder if he was just as amused by me as I was with him!  
Finally...I caught him standing up!
I was able to creep closer, but he did keep a sharp eye out...!  A little while later, after I had set the camera down, out of my reach (wouldn't you know it!) he decided perhaps it was okay to creep closer to me.  He came out of the yard and onto the garage pad...about 10 feet from me...and all the while I was cursing that I'd set the camera down!
His kin...who was not into closeness at all!

There are a good half dozen of these critters scattered around the property, and I'm told that they are very invasive although very cute! 


  1. We don't have them around here either. They're very cute though! Never heard of them before.

  2. Me either. I knew about gophers...but this is my first experience seeing them!