Friday, September 23, 2011

The Move...My journey to Wisconsin Part 1

I have to apologize to everyone for taking so long to get back to my blog and my journey to Wisconsin.  As life so often does, it can become quite busy...and I won't deny that I am truly enjoying the peace and quiet here!

I left New York State on the 6th of September driving a nearly new yellow Penske 10' moving van, and made my way toward Highland, Michigan, where I would stay 2 days with a dear friend.  The day was a perfect one for driving...not too hot and not raining...all was good!

My co-pilots were two 3-month old kittens...Smokey and Lily.  They were all snug in a carrier...and did very my amazement!  During the entire trip to Michigan, not once did they toilet in the carrier...but let me tell you that the minute I fixed up their litter box...they were in it in a flash!  I was so proud of them!

The only times that I stopped were to refuel, grab a snack to eat and make sure the kittens were I put their food and water dish in with them.  I probably should have stopped for an actual meal along the way, but I was too anxious to try out these new wings of freedom!

I had no reservations about making the 10+ hour drive to Michigan...even though I knew that there might be some tricky spots when I hit Cleveland, OH.  I knew and trusted myself enough to know that I could get through these huge cities...and I did.  But let me tell you, Cleveland seemed like it took about 2 hours to get!!!

The next big one that caused some concern after I was there was Ann Arbor, MI.  I never knew just how big this city is and the junctions/exchanges were confusing.  I did make a wrong exit and after about 10 minutes of driving, realized my error and turned around...and found the correct exit to take.  From there...with a little phone guidance, I arrived at my destination...about 11:00 (or so) that evening.

It was hard getting good shots as I drove through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and into Michigan...but here are the few that I did manage to get:

I'm not sure what river this is, but it ran along the side of the highway in NY

sunset someplace between OH and MI

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