Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Move...My journey to Wisconsin Part 3: Making my way on to Wisconsin

Coming from New York, where the speed limit is set at 65 mph on the highways, imagine my (pleasant) surprise upon seeing that I could make better time (though only by a few minutes over-all) heading for Wisconsin!  I had to snap a picture of it...just because it was something new to me!  LOL

 "Chicago" 168 miles.  Seeing this sign brought a kind of apprehension because I knew this city was another big one.  Being a country girl and never having visited anything bigger than Rochester or Syracuse, NY...I worried that I might get my directions wrong and get totally lost in a strange city.  My fears were unfounded...I made it through without any problems!!!

All I can say about seeing the skyscrapers buried in the clouds!  Little town gal sees a big city (in daylight...I went through Cleveland and Ann Arbor in a blur)...was amazing!
 Another thing that was astounding was the amount of traffic that I was in.  I am sooo not used to it...but it wasn't as scary as I envisioned.
 Merging traffic and traffic merging off the main highway...
 Now here was another first for me.  Tunnels..not a long one, but one never the less.  Seeing them on videos is a bit different than going through one!
At this point...I am close to being out of the central part of the city.  The only thing that I totally disliked about Illinois was the toll booths...every so many miles.  Each time, I had to throw in some it $.30, $.60, $.80 or even $1.60.  As you leave the state, a sign reads something to the effect:  Thank you for using the Illinois toll highways.  

That will forever be burned into my mind as a state I will avoid should I ever pass this way again!

A ways into Wisconsin, I came upon these weird rock pillars...which I thought were pretty interesting.

This is one set that I saw...

And here is another...

I was able to get a closeup of this second formation as I passed by.
Here, I passed what the sign said was a "bog" but I am clueless as to what kind of bogs they are.  Cranberry...maybe?

All in all, it was a trip worth remembering, even though I didn't get as many photos as I wanted.  It took me something like 11 hours to make it to my and trouble free!

As always...thanks for reading!  

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  1. Very cool! I didn't know NY only allowed 65 - I think most, if not all, of our freeways are 70 here in MI. We usually go 75-80 then! LOL!
    Toll roads SUCK! We went through one...maybe in Jersey...and didn't pay. They sent us a ticket since they got the license #, found out our address from the rental car co. Bummer! :-/