Friday, September 2, 2011

Sometimes plans fall flat

Well folks...I am still here in plans fell through at least for the moment.  I am frustrated, hurt, angry...but I can't say whether it's more at the Uhaul company or myself for not following my gut feelings.

When I reserved the truck back in the first week of August, I was told that all I would need is a $100 deposit and the balance would be due when I returned the truck at my destination.  In all honesty, it seemed TOO simple...and between then and the time that I was supposed to pick up the truck, I called several times to verify and re-verify that the information was correct...talking to a different woman every single time.  Each time I called...I got the same answer...$100 deposit and the balance when I got to Wisconsin and returned the truck.

As scheduled, I went to get the truck, and low and gut feelings were confirmed...the whole balance was due BEFORE I even took the truck!  I was devastated (to say the least) because I did not have that amount available to me...a whopping $826.  (I wasn't due to be paid until the 1st and 2nd of September, and being on disability...I would not have enough for both the truck and fuel/eats to move from NY to WI.)

Unbelievable.  But really?  Maybe not so much.

At any rate, I have a loving and caring man awaiting me who is going to rent a truck from another company most likely this coming Tuesday.  So although I may be still here in's not going to be for long.

I don't mean this as a bash against Uhaul...but clearly, the information I received couldn't be trusted...and it's also a lesson learned to 'trust' a gut feeling...that it WAS too simple...there was a catch-22 lurking unseen. 

My best advice to anyone is to do as I did...but even more-so...get all the details no matter what you have to, go to the vender...whatever.  And trust your intuition...if it seems too simple...most likely it is.

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