Friday, November 18, 2011


When I was a child, there weren't many tales of my father's youth that were passed down to me but the single one that I do remember was about "Moonbeamers". Although the story isn't is amusing...!

Dad had 5 siblings. A brother and 4 sisters. They grew up on the same farm that I did and I am sure enjoyed all the normal childhood antics that any family goes through.

One time while at my grandparent's, in a dusty and crowded back room, where all kinds of miscellaneous stuff was stored, I came across an old, moth eaten bear skin.  Yes--a real 'bear' skin!  Being a curious child, of course, I asked Dad about it.

I never learned how the bear skin was acquired, but I did learn what it was used for...every chance Dad and his brother could catch their sisters unaware. It's funny...yet cruel...

When it was dark as dark can be, either Dad or my uncle would don the bear skin and sneak up on their sisters...pretending to be some deep woods creature with glowing red eyes. I can only imagine the shock and fear that went through my aunts...the screeches and screams! The chaos of 6 children running in every direction!

This creature: a "Moonbeamer"...who only came out at night, with glowing red eyes...that came to get little girls.

Thank goodness the bear skin and the idea of the Moonbeamers were retired before I came along.  It was bad enough that I thought werewolves were real!!!

Have a good day folks and thanks for reading! 


  1. Crazy what boys can come up with to scare girls.

  2. This is true, Cyn! Just glad it wasn't me they were scaring!