Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spare the rod, spoil the child: Case 1

Wooden spoon for spanking?
Last week a YouTube video went viral on the internet, showing a Texas judge using a belt on his disabled teen daughter, which then caught media attention. If you haven't seen the video, this is it: 

(Warning...very disturbing footage.)

When I first watched this video, I could only stomach the first 30 or 40 seconds of it and then had to stop it. This is beyond appalling, and this by a judge who decides the fate of others in his courtroom?  Unbelievable!

This is a beating in its truest form...the judge didn't care where he hit his teenage daughter, man-handled her like she wasn't even his child, and wasn't satisfied with one or two or even three strikes...he just kept going on and on. 

The child's mom then joins in and gets her whack in...for what purpose, it's unclear, but you can hear the mother say to the teen something to the effect of 'turn over and take it like a woman'!  (I wonder if mom could have taken the beating her husband handed out "like a woman"!  I doubt it.)

This is exactly what I was talking about in my first blog: Spare the rod, spoil the child.  THIS is corporal punishment. This isn't discipline, this is abuse.

And...this should not be tolerated! No matter what the very much IS child abuse.

The daughter herself was the one that uploaded the video to YouTube and she explains her reasoning behind doing this 7 years after the fact in the following video which aired on NBC November 3, 2011.  

Did she do the right thing by exposing her father? I believe so...even if it is 7 years later because we are seeing more and more child abuse cases where children are being abused with belts, paddles and even switches made from tree branches. In the past month, there have been at least one or two cases where a child DIED because of the beating. (That will be covered in my next blog as Case 2.)

What is happening to our society where we are--as parents--needing to punish our children in what is considered a violent manner?  We are raising children that are likely going to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. 

Is this the way we choose to bring our children up? Is this the way we want to teach our children good morals, ethics, compassion...etc.?  Seriously? 

This morning, Lorraine Devon Wilke published her thoughts on the very subject in the Huffington Post's Parents blog. Thank goodness I am not the only person that is disturbed by this video...and even appalled by the way some of the people out there feel about this form of punishment. goes on...and will continue to go on, unless we as parents, aunts, uncles, grand-parents and even neighbors say "Enough!"

Think of the child...please.  Look at this photo: 

bruises from a belt on unidentified child

Can you live with yourself knowing that you...and I...could have prevented this? 

Think about the children.......


  1. This brings back some bad memories of my own childhood with a violent-tempered father. I felt like grabbing the belt & choking the judge until he gasped his last foul-mouthed breath while watching this video. I just wish she'd have posted the video within the time frame of prosecution. Hopefully he loses his job at least! Scumbag!

  2. I never have watched the video all the way through...once I saw the mother take her whack I shut it off. It's probably likely the young woman was afraid of repercussions from her father had she shown this video while she was still at that age...but I agree...the judge is a scumbag that needs to loose his position as a judge since he won't be prosecuted.