Sunday, December 4, 2011

A boy named 'Jonah'

A new YouTube video that is going viral is of a young boy, named "Jonah", who is enduring bullying in school. Soon to enter the 8th grade, he says that he has been bullied since he was in the lower elementary grades. 

When I first viewed this video on Facebook last night, there had already been some 800+ views since August 10, 2011 but this morning, the view count is now at 64,610

I can only hope that he has stayed strong and not given-in to the pressures of being bullied. It gives us a good look at what bullying does to a child...


  1. Now, at 6:13 a.m. EST there's been 1,734,032 views!

  2. I was bullied a bit when I was in 7th grade. I was a shy kid and very soft spoken. Another boy would push my desk around in the class and the teacher wouldn't do anything about it. He would mouth off to me at other times. This ended for me about 1 week before the school year was over. Our class was in the library and I went outside for a momment to get ready to walk to the bus. This boy came out and starting yelling in my face. Suddenly my emotions grabbed me and I punched him in the mouth. He had braces so his mouth began bleeding. He ran away cupping his mouth shouting "I am going to sue you". I have to say that all the anger I had within me was put into that punch and I felt free after that. The kid never spoke to me through high school. I still remember his name to this day and this was 1985.


  3. JW...thank you for telling your story. I am glad that you finally had enough and did what you thought was necessary. I am glad that you stayed strong...your words will encourage others!

  4. Very sad. I was also maliciously teased & bullied at times throughout school. I finally learned I was the only one who could stand up for myself & once I began fighting back, the bullying stopped & the healthy respect began! Bullies only fight those they perceive as weaker. Once you stand up to them & show that you're tough and as strong or stronger, they back off.
    In the case of my oldest brother who was/still is a huge bully & very, very large, strong & mean, the only way to beat him is psychologically. Know what these kinds of bullies are afraid of & use it to your advantage to get them to leave you alone!
    Never show weakness or fear - they feed on it!

  5. Yes they do feed on the weaker and will find a way to knock you off your mental and physical feet if they are allowed to.

    Thanks, Laura for weighing in too!