Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paper dolls

one kind of paper dolls I had as a child
It's sometimes very strange to me to find that I can remember stuff from when I was a little girl...some 50+ years ago, and it's even stranger still that those memories still give me a sense of fondness...and loss.

What spurred this particular memory, I can't say, but I know that the other day I was thinking about how much things have changed over the years. So many of the toys that I cherished as a child have come and gone...or been revamped and modernized so that they no longer look the same or even work the same.

Such is the case with paper dolls. I can remember being in love with these things...probably as much as I would eventually love my first Barbie doll! 

I remember sitting and playing with my paper dolls for hours on end. They were such a curious fascination for me...heavy cardboard dolls with little stands, clothing made out of a glossy but somewhat stiff paper...and then being able to simply change the outfit to create a different look or fulfill a different play that I was acting out in my mind.

As I grew, so did these dolls in looks and accessories. Some had belts, shoes, purses, hats and even jewelry that could be added to complete an outfit.

As I grew, the paper dolls evolved into women, not unlike these
I can't remember how old I was when I quit playing with the paper dolls but I know that I did hang onto them for years. Perhaps I decided to throw them away when I hit my teens and other interests took hold...but looking back, I have to feel sad for what once a cherished play thing.

Today, a majority of little girls aren't even aware that there was...or is...such a thing, and even if they knew, something tells me that they would rather play with something that's made of plastic or metal and three dimensional, then something like the paper dolls. 

Out of curiosity, I did do an online search and found that a few have been updated...including many different animals that you can dress-up. Still in all...it's just not something that many girls would even care to play with for more than a few moments, I'm sure.

Paper dolls. Such simple pleasures!

What do you remember....?


  1. I think that paper dolls were my favorite toys. Like you I would spend hours playing with them There were some that came in book form that the dolls and their clothes had to be cut out.
    I loved them! :)

  2. I remember those that came in book form! They were one of my Christmas presents!

  3. I also loved playing with paper dolls! Such fun! I had tons of different ones. I still remember the Archie comic ones I had that my nasty brother Steve poked the eyes out of & made me cry over! He was always mean & wicked!

  4. I can't remember all the ones that I had...but I also had several sets of them! I am glad I never had a mean brother!

  5. You're lucky! Mean brothers SUCK! Mean, abusive families SUCK! :-(

  6. I loved paper dolls. I remember my mom getting the McCalls magazine and having to wait until she cut out the Betsy paper doll for me each month!!

  7. Yep--I remember the McCall's magazines too! Wow! Such delightful memories!

  8. Oh my gosh, KJ! I remember those dolls in McCalls too now!!! Wow - fond memories!

  9. Thank you for your comment on my blog in 2011.

    I just stopped by to wish you a very happy holiday season and all the best in the coming year!

    Cheers, Rockinon (Ken W.)

  10. And Thank you for all of your wonderful photography tips and great blogs!

    Happy holiday season to you too...