Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Pre-Christmas Gift

I had a phone call this morning, one that I didn't quite expect. My daughter called and asked if I would like to come and stay a few days...she is coming this way tomorrow to go upstate to visit family, and on her way back through would swing by and pick me up.

At first I was hesitant...and it wasn't because I didn't want to go, but rather I know that I am needed here brother and niece have come to depend on me. I replied that I would talk to my brother...not for permission, of course, but to see if he could do without me for most of the coming week. She said okay and we hung up.

Not two minutes passed and my oldest grand-daughter (9) called me and said "Grandma...will you please come down and stay with us a few days?"  Then my youngest grand-daughter (3-1/2) got on the phone and asked me in her little voice: " come down and be with us?" 

It broke my heart and I knew I couldn't tell them "No".  I have missed my grand-children dearly for the last 3 months...since I moved to Wisconsin and then back to New York. This will be the first time that I have seen them since September 4th.

I think what has been the hardest for me is that I have been with these grandchildren since the day they were all born, as I lived with my daughter for just shy of 10 years. If you have heard of 'co-dependence'...I found out after I moved to WI that I had a severe case of it, yet had been in denial for years. (Which my therapist had suggested time and again and believed, I am sure, this was the reason I wouldn't move out, even during some very stressful times.) But now...this will be for me a very wonderful pre-Christmas gift...time to see and spend 4 days/5 nights with my family...and my grandchildren.  

What more can I ask for?  

(Hopefully, too...I will get the opportunity to see my other 3 grandchildren that I haven't seen in some I haven't seen since last Summer and the other two, I haven't seen in over a year...only in photos.)

I will be gone from tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) until late afternoon Friday...and won't be able to post anything until my return. In the meantime...I'll have camera in hand and where ever I wander...I'll get some photos for another blog when I return!

In the well...and thanks for reading!


  1. Deb I am so happy that you will be spending some time with your grandchildren. I am sure you all have missed each other.
    Have a great time!! I will look forward to seeing all your pics when you get back.
    Love ya

  2. Yes--I have missed them and I know they've missed me too! Thanks...

    Love ya, Cyn!

  3. I'm so glad you'll have this time to spend with them! And I hope you get to see the other three as well. Have a great week! :-)

  4. Thank you, Laura and I did have a nice time! 8 )