Monday, April 30, 2012

My visit with Shawn: Good food, laughter and time well spent

Similar to what Shawn's Lasagna
looked like!

I know that I may have mentioned this before, but Shawn (Campbell) is my oldest child, and having him in prison for a crime I know he did not commit has tore me to pieces. Being able to spend time with him is truly wonderful, I miss him so much.

On Monday, once we got all of the groceries put away, it was lunch time and Shawn fixed us these huge, fully loaded sandwiches. On each was sliced ham, salami, pepperoni, sliced onion, lettuce, mayo and Italian dressing...with a side of chips. For our drinks: Mountain Dew and Pepsi. (I don't do Dew!)

That afternoon, he made a cherry cheesecake, that would be our desert for the next two nights. 

Since the FRP program doesn't provide everything we might need to make food with, Shawn made this in a frying pan! It worked!  LOL

For supper, we did Taco salad...with all the trimmings. Hamburger, onions, lettuce, diced tomatoes, black olives, sliced green and red bell peppers, salsa, shredded Fiesta cheese and mozzarella cheeses, and it looked a lot like this:

Breakfasts consisted of either toasted cinnamon-raisin or onion bagels, topped with cream cheese...and of course our drink of choice!

Tuesday, Shawn began cooking first thing in the hamburger and hot and mild sausage links, to add to sauce that he was using for lasagna later in the day. As well, he had to dice onions, peppers, black olives and fresh mushrooms and slightly sautéed  them before adding them to the sauce. After everything was in the pan, he let it simmer the remainder of the morning and well into the afternoon.

At lunch, he fixed us sausage links, on which he covered with sautéed green and red peppers and onions after placing the links in buns. Add a side of chips, and sodas to drink...lunch was served!

For supper, we had his lasagna and a nice tossed salad with slices of garlic bread. It was heaven! Shawn is a wonderful cook and has really missed his calling in life! One of his dreams was to go to Italy and study under some of their top chefs. Makes me sad to think that his talent goes to waste in the place he's in.

We had plenty of good conversations, laughter and even watched two movies: The Orphan and North Country.  Of the few times that I have done these visits with Shawn, this was by far, the BEST!!!!

When in came time to leave Wednesday morning, we had to make sure the place was cleaned and all the linen and garbage bagged. The C.O. came in and did a search to make sure that we were returning the unit to the condition in was in when we arrived...normal procedure. After that, I was escorted to a van with what remained of the groceries and my luggage, then delivered to the parking lot...where the visit officially terminated. That is the hardest part...leaving him behind.

[[**If you are new and are reading about my son for the first time, we have set up a page on Facebook, called "Team Free Campbell" where his case is detailed and we strive for justice to be done and my son freed. Please visit, familiarize yourself with his case and if you would, 'Like' the page. Thanks!]]

And thanks for reading!

(Note: photos contained here, are all off the web. Unfortunately, cameras aren't allowed.)


  1. Sounds like you truly had a wonderful visit! I'm so glad! And I love lasagna - now I'm definitely HUNGRY! LOL


    1. I know...just thinking about it again made my belly rumble! LOL

      Yes--we did have a great time! We both enjoyed it very much!!!