Monday, April 2, 2012

Quadruples times four

Most of us in our lifetime are lucky to see one set of quadruplets...but what if you were walking through a NYC park and saw eight sets? How would you react?

Well, ImprovEverywhere decided to see just what people's reactions would be seeing  these eight sets of quads:



  1. Wow, that's freaky! LOL!
    Enjoyed the video - thanks!

    My cousin had quads. She's the cousin who abused the one girl - the whole family abused this one girl out of the quads. It was disgusting & sad. No one did anything, even after my aunt tried getting the authorities involved. There's often no rhyme or reason as to why one person in a family is singled out for abuse...

    1. That's sad. I agree...I don't know why that happens's like the child is hated/disliked for some reason.

      The most I've ever seen is triplets...3 little girls!