Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rhubarb...a photographic journey

Little nubs of growth...3/18/12

As I mentioned in my previous blog: Taking the time, I have spending a lot of time getting back to things that I love...watching the world change outside my door as Spring settles in. I have not been more thoroughly fascinated in anything for some time as really "seeing" the moods of the skies, the various birds that flit about, and even photographically documenting the growth of a patch of rhubarb that is growing just off the back porch.

It may sound like a rather nutty thing to do, but I can only say that all of this...right down to watching the rhubarb change day-to-day/week-to-week has given me a wonderful sense of peace and even gratitude for being able TO see everything around me!

What follows are photos of the changes as the rhubarb develops and the leaves unfold. I have never noticed the beauty of these leaves before...and I hope that they will amaze you as well!  Enjoy!

In just two days time, the nubs in the top photo
developed into this...3/20/12
A closer view...
And the next day, the leaves began to unfold...3/21/12
Another close-up...
More plants are starting to fill-out...3/22/12
The texture of the leaves is amazing! 
A closer view of the leaf coming out of its housing...3/22/12
Isn't this beautiful?
It fascinates me just how fast these plants grow...3/23/12
The leaves really filled out in the last few days...3/27/12 
A new leaf reaching for the sun...3/27/12
A closer look....
The whole clump...3/27/12
And still more new 'crinkled' leaves develop...4/1/12
As you can see, on the left side of this plant, there is what looks
to be some wilting happening, that is from heavy frosts we've
been getting for the last week. It has also slowed the growth...

And one of the things that I have been observing over the last few weeks. In the days ahead...there will be more to come!

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  1. Exactly as I remember it. I love rhubarb!

    1. Good morning, Bart! I love enjoy rhubarb too...and my brother is anxious for me to make him his favorite pie: strawberry-rhubarb!

  2. Ohhhh man - I love, LOVE strawberry rhubarb pie!!! My fave too!!! I WANT SOME!!!!
    That was very cool looking at all the photos. I've never been a gardener so I'm not too familiar with the way all that stuff works. It was cool seeing the leaves developing! Can't wait for more photos! :-)


    1. This is the first time that I have ever paid attention to something growing...and it's been with great wonder that I have watched these plant grow from little nubs into beautiful crinkly leaves!

      I like all kinds of pies...but I do very much like strawberry-rhubarb too! 8 )

    2. I like blueberry peach too - a different combo that Cynthia came up with. Very good. Another fave is cherry pie. There's a lady from Detroit that makes great pies, anything I ask for, that comes to the Farmers Market in Milford every year now. I'll have to get some pies from her this year! :-)

    3. Oh-oh...speaking of pies...I'm back in the area for those GRAPE pies! Yeah! LOL

      Blueberry-peach sounds great too! Gosh--this makes me hungry! And I'm wanting to drool! 8 )

    4. I'd like to give that grape pie a try! Never heard of them before til you mentioned 'em! Mmmm, a piece of pie sounds mighty yummy now! :-)

    5. I know! Thinking about pie...makes me hungry for a dessert. Hmmmm...what should we have? Pie? LOL LOL