Monday, May 14, 2012

Bird feeder dairies: May 14, 2012: Something to crow about

crow getting a late breakfast in
the field behind the house

With warmer weather here, I am now opening windows earlier in the morning to let the fresh air in and to listen to the bird song. However, this morning, the normal birdsong was interrupted quite abruptly by the continuous (and aggravating) cawing of crows.

Normally, that kind of ruckus in indicative of some "thing" upsetting the birds, but this morning, I found that they were not behaving upset at all, just out in abundance...gathering in the fields, pecking at ground. Yet...all the while, sounding-off as if to warn all that this was their dibs and to stay away.

This crow seemed more content to stay by itself, yet
it would caw loudly every couple of minutes

The crow above, seemed to be a loner and chose to dine alone as well. I watched it for some time, but no other crows came to challenge it...or even bother the rest of the field around it. (I keep wanting to call it a 'him'!)

In the small field across the road from the house, there were at least three that stayed close most of the afternoon. They worked their way across the field in no specific direction.

Two seem content for the moment to pick at the edge of the

Seems like a conference was in order!

As I stood out watching the three above, a fourth came along and landed just on the edge of the yard...and I was able to snap a photograph as he was landing:

The look of the very eerie. It's no wonder people
don't like them!

Here, it's like I am being shunned...I know he knows that I
am just behind him on the deck!

Finally, flying-off, it circled the field before landing once again

As much as these birds can be a farmer's nightmare, and a hunter's curse, they are a majestic bird in their own right. Despite the fact that their looks do creep me out (too many scary movies, me thinks!), they are a fascinating bird to watch and photograph!

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  1. I love crows. I think they're way cool! But then I love bats & snakes too! LOL
    Got a kick out the the crow conference pic - exactly what it looked like they were doing! haha
    Also, nice shot of the crow landing!
    I want a pet crow!


    1. P.S.
      Finished a snail mail to you a 1/2 hour ago. Then had to add some more news on the back of the sealed envelope!