Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bird feeder dairies; May 8, 2012

Red cardinal

I learn something new daily about the birds that come to the tree with the bird feeder just off our back deck. Each day, I see a new species of bird, or instead of seeing one or two of a specific species, they are now coming in pairs, sometime two pairs at a time.

Each day, before going out the back sliding door to the deck, I check to see what might be at the feeder...and yesterday morning, I was very pleased to see that a red cardinal had come. I managed several photos through the window of the back door, so that they do appear somewhat grainy...for that I apologize!

The cardinal stayed for some time, allowing me to get several different shots of him, and there were times I actually wondered if he knew I was in the window.

Some of the birds are very skittish, but I have noticed that over the last week or so, they tolerate my presence on the deck more and more, and don't seem to mind any movements by me.
At this point, I think the cardinal was scoping out the feeder, trying to decide whether he felt safe enough to venture onto the rim. Although, he didn't then, I did see him this morning, sitting at the feeder, having what was surely a tasty breakfast.
As well yesterday, I noticed that the gold finches seem to be somewhat territorial. There was one at the feeder when another landed on a branch next to the feeder, and off they went...doing a duel in the air before they parted and flew in opposite directions. 
gold finch
In the last two days, I'm seeing two pair of mourning doves coming to visit several times a day, but it seems to be my luck that I just stepped out the back door without my camera when they arrived! There also has been a new bird that came last night before it started to get dark, but I have yet to take a photo of it or identify it. Once I do...I'll add it to these diary entries.

My pair of geese came calling yesterday afternoon to the field beyond our yard...and I was able to get a few shots. As silly as it sounds, I am so glad that despite the fact the field is now planted, they are still arriving twice a day!

They had just landed and already one of them is
talking up a storm!  

They never seem to get too far apart from each other...

Taking a stroll...

I also had the opportunity to photograph a non-bird species this afternoon, and we are still trying to figure out exactly what it is. It looks like a mangy fox, or a coyote, yet the facial features seem wrong for either. 

What do you think?  
(Again I apologize for the graininess...this was out in mid-field
and I had to hurry to zoom in and get a shot off
before it was out of my sight/range.)

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  1. Cool pics - love the cardinal! And the bright sunny goldfinches are always such a pleasure to see. We don't get many here at the lake house. They hung around a lot at our previous house & I miss them here now.
    I think the animal is a coyote. Maybe?

  2. If it is what my brother saw tonight, he said he's pretty sure that it's a red fox...and that it may be a female with a den close by. She/it keeps crossing the field about the same times every day.

    I love the birds...they are such pleasure to watch! And I can't believe how vibrant the colors are!

  3. Take more pics of the animal. Maybe try to be sitting out there, quiet & still, about the time you know she'll be out there.