Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bird feeder diaries; first entry...May 6, 2012

the new bird feeder

My mom always told me that patience was a virtue, but she never told me how rewarding patience could be!

Last week, I decided to purchase my first (of many!) bird feeders (one was also a hummingbird feeder, which will eventually also become a seperate blog entry) for here where I live now, filled it with seed, dried berries and other 'treats' and placed it in a tree just off our back deck. It took me three tries to get it located where I could sit and watch the feeder clearly and be able to photograph the birds as they came to visit and eat. (I also threw some seed on the ground around the tree to entice them...then I waited...)

I was rewarded about 2 days later as the birds began to discover the bird seed on the ground and then in feeder. At first, the only birds that happened-by, were chickadees, and sparrows. Day before yesterday, a mourning dove showed-up and although it didn't visit the feeder, it did eat the seeds on the ground. What was amazing to me is that it came alone and stayed almost the whole day!

This morning, a pair of finches showed-up and it was amazing to see the birds chasing each other off for dibs on the food! I watched the chickadees scare off the finches, then a while later, the finches scared off the sparrows! Interesting! (Talk about pecking order!)

Since I have taken so many photos, I decided to make a video with them...enjoy!

(In order: Mourning dove, Starling, Sparrow, Robin, American Gold Finch, Cardinal, Geese (the ones from the field out back that I talked about in a prior blog!), finishing with more of the finch and the sparrow.)

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  1. Great video, Deb! I don't know North American birds well, but the first one looked like a pigeon and I thought I saw a robin too? Would be nice to know the type of bird each one is as they appear on the video :). Great pics still!!! Looking forward to the next post. :)

  2. Thanks, Marg! I know I should have added the names of each of the birds, but this was my first you'll have to forgive me!

    In order: Mourning dove, Starling, Sparrow, Robin, American Gold Finch, Cardinal, Geese (the ones from the field out back that I talked about in a prior blog!), finishing with more of the finch and the sparrow.

  3. Cool, thanks! Awesome :)
    I notice some other blogs of yours I haven't read....gotta check them out :)

    1. And I see that you did too! Thank you!

  4. Nice video!! Glad you got birdfeeders so you can enjoy all the birds coming to eat now! John got us birdfeeders a couple years ago & we love seeing the birds flocking here. We also get several rabbits who come every evening to eat the seed on the ground. Pretty cute. The raccoons love the seed, as well (I never knew that before!).
    This morning we had several cardinals that came. One in particular was so young & so BRILLIANT in color, he took my breath away! I've never seen such a beautiful red hue like that before!
    We get tons of the red winged black birds here- very pretty.
    The only birds I really, really HATE are the mourning doves! UGH! Flying rats - hate 'em! :-(
    Sometimes we're overrun with whole big gangs of Blue Jays too. They're rather brutish - but I love seeing them.
    Occasionally we get hawks that sit on the fence or our upper deck, just waiting for a little bird to come out of hiding & be devoured! LOL
    John hasn't put up the hummingbird feeder yet.


    1. I am truly enjoying watching the birds and seeing what new ones come by. I still have to get some pics of the chickadees...they are a nervous bunch! Every time I try to get a they fly! LOL

      I've seen a blue jay out here too, but he didn't do more than land and take off again after grabbing a morsel. I've yet to see a red-winged black bird...haven't seen one of them in a while! I am sure that the more feeders I get--as I can--the more that will be drawn to them!

    2. We'll have to try to remember to go to the park when you're here so you can handfeed the chickadees! That's so much fun! You'll get some GREAT pics for your blog & FB too while feeding the birds on your own hand! :-)

    3. That would be so cool! 8 ) Was that the kind of birds you were feeding in the little videos?

    4. Yep, they were little chickadees. Plus the woodpecker that John did NOT get the video of! :-(

    5. That's awesome! 8 ) And it would have been great if John could have gotten a video or even pic of the woodpecker!