Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birdfeeder diaries: May 31, 2012: Hummingbirds

May 4th...up before the hummingbirds arrived

One of my favorite birds is the hummingbird. I have loved watching these tiny birds for as long as I can remember, and the one thing I always do is get a feeder put up before they are due back from their migration south.

They are a tricky little bird to get photos of, and my frustration mounted through much of May, as it seems like every time I tried...and "almost" got a photo...they were gone again. I think that what eventually helped was my being on the back deck, where the feeder is located, so often that they became accustomed to my presence. 

But only if I didn't make any sudden movements.

Finally...on May 20th, I managed to get my first shots of one, it was a female who didn't seem to be intimidated by my presence at all. She came often, as you will see in the following photos...

May 20th, 5:42 a.m...I was ready with my camera!

She moved around the feeder to another 'flower'

Sipping the nector...5:50 a.m.

A bit wary...but not afraid

Whenever I go out onto the deck, I take my camera with me now, always looking to get the next shot, regardless of what kind of birds might be present at either feeder. Later in the day of May 20th, I managed just this single shot...

Perfect timing!
...which surprised me with the detail I captured! This photo is the best I have managed thus far.

The next day, a female was again back at the feeder, but I have no idea if it's the same one or not, as I have seen several darting around at the same time.

May 21st
I am always amazed at the details of the wings that is captured in that split second that the shutter goes off. 

May 21st
Two days later, I watched another female (or maybe the same one!) dart from the feeder to our bushes and land. Because I had to go to the furthest setting of my zoom, the photos look grainy, yet...the details are still there:

She knows I'm there...

Ever watchful...
Is she ignoring me?
What has been really hard to do, is capture a male hummingbird. They are less forgiving of my presence, and any move I make, off they fly. It's not been for the lack of trying...and I will keep in trying to photograph one of them to add to my collection!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post and the photos!!! I was "awwwwing" on the great shots you captured of these tiny flying jewels! John hasn't gotten our hummingbird feeder up yet. We really enjoyed watching the hummers the last couple summers though. How long do you keep your sugar water in the feeder before throwing out & making up a new batch? The 1st year we had the feeder it was rare that the solution was ever changed. Dad said that was a bad thing though & that it should be changed often, especially in the hottest weather.


    1. Thank you, "L"! I did get some awesome shots...I was very pleased too!

      I try to change my feeder water every week to week-and-a-half...depending on temps. The hotter it is, the less time you can leave it sit, and the best thing to do is not fill it completely up so that you are wasting so much, you know?