Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost souls

Sometime over the years, I have read that young teens (13-15) have something within them to draw to them spirits that haven't gone into the light for some reason. And this tends to be more true for those teens that are extremely sensitive, or emotionally/mentally troubled (and not necessarily to a big degree). 

I'm not sure that the story that I am about to tell is the case, but I'll let you decide.

In March of the year 2000, I moved in with my oldest son, having with me my other two children, who were 17 and 15 at the time. I continued living in the house after my oldest son and daughter moved out (within the next year) and my youngest son stayed with me. It was while the two of us were living there that this took place. 

My youngest son was a lost soul at that time, his dad walked away and wanted nothing to do with him, and in many ways, I think he felt that he didn't belong any place, even though that was the furthest thing from the truth. He had his set of friends, and if I had to define the bunch of them, I'd say they were a wild bunch, but not in a bad way...maybe they were all lost kids as each of them had a story of an unhappy childhood.

My son would often tell me that he 'saw' something in his bedroom at night, or would 'feel' something in there with him, and I put it off as imaginings...not that I didn't believe in ghosts, but that maybe he was just messing with me. (He did that a lot!)

That changed one night though. I was on the phone and sitting at the dining room table when I caught movement outside of the window across the room from me as I hadn't yet pulled the curtains. I thought it odd because the window was at least 5 foot off the ground...and seeing anyone standing outside was almost impossible unless they were quite tall.

Then, I saw the movement again...and what I saw blew me away. It was a child, about 5-6 years old, running past the window and I could see him from the waist up...which I knew was not even possible. Every few minutes, he would run by the window, not looking in, but as if he were doing laps around the house.

He had medium dark short hair, and wore a striped and red. I can still see him now, just as if this happened last night. Never once did he look in the window and after a few times running past the window...he was gone.

One night, a week or two later, as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, I happened to open my eyes and there sat that little boy, knees drawn to his chest, arms around his legs and his back against my bedroom wall...not saying a word, just looking at me. The odd thing was, I wasn't afraid of him.

Suddenly, like a breeze, another ghostly figure appeared next to him, leaning a shoulder against the bedroom wall. He was a teenager, I'm guessing about 17-ish, with bright red hair, a white hoodie and his hands were stuffed into the pockets. What was different though was the teen has a visible wound to his forehead where blood still could be seen on his face, as well as down the front of the hoodie. He had apparently died a violent death.

The teen looked at me and asked, "What's up?"  Then they were both gone.

I told my son about the visit, and he asked me to come into his room a minute, he had something to show me. He directed me to the far side of his bedroom, and told me to 'feel' the air there...and I could. He actually had a freezing cold spot in his bedroom and only in just that one place.

A doorway? I can't say. I just found it strange that it was in my son's was like he was the magnet that drew whatever spirits there. Once he moved out...the cold spot was gone. 

I hope that the two young fellows that I saw have found whatever it was that they were looking for, including peace. True lost souls. 

That was my last encounter with the spirit world, and I am thankful that it was a peaceful one and not shrouded in fear. 


  1. It was freaky...totally unexpected, but not as frightening as the other stories I told about. I felt really sorry for the both of them, you know?