Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Winter? A photo montage of Winter thus far

Beautiful skies...Dec. 20, 2011
While we are constantly being bombarded by both the scientists and the nay-sayers as to whether climate change or global warming is real or not...anyone who is really paying attention, can tell you that the weather patterns are changing. I've been witnessing it for years now, and it's more evident this Winter than ever before.

I titled this "What Winter?" for that very reason, as we aren't seeing 'typical' Winter weather here in NY. In fact, we haven't seen more than 2"-3" of snow total yet this season.

sanders plowing and sanding...12/9/2011

With this snowfall we have gotten, of course it's a necessity that the roads be plowed and/or sanded/salted.

Snow storm...12/23/2011

A nice dusting on the trees looks so pretty...
Snow storm...12/23/2011

At least there are still berries on the trees for the birds...
Snow storm...12/23/2011

When the snow did come down, at times it was a literal white out...reducing viability significantly.

Snow storm...12/23/2011

I love seeing the hill tops with a frosty covering!
Snow storm...12/23/2011

Another perfect view of the farm across the valley from me...

Snow storm...12/23/2011

Berries still on the tree...with a touch if icing!

snow melting after Jan. 1st snow storm

The snow melting off the patio stones...

sum total of the snow we had...about 2-3 inches...Jan. 2nd

This is the most snow we have had so far...

shadow of the garage...Jan 2, 2012

Temp at almost 50°F. (10° C.) Jan 6, 2012
sunset...Jan. 6, 2012

sunset...Jan. 6, 2012

Garage's shadow across the lawn...
sunset...Jan. 6, 2012

moon rising...Jan 6, 2012

A heat wave compared to the bitter temps we had early in the week...3°F.

Beautiful sunset....

Fire in the sky...

Amazing sight....

Full moon rising at sunset.

I can remember years ago that by this time of year, it was always bitter cold and there was at least a good 6"+ of snow in the ground. Those days seem to have come and gone...whatever snow storms we still might get as we move toward February and March has yet to be seen. 

I'll be right there though...taking photos and recording it all!

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  1. Here in Michigan we've been having quite a mild winter, as well. LOVING IT!!!! Yesterday was 54 degrees & the golfers were out on the many golf courses around here! I told John we should take the paddle boat out on the lake to celebrate the mild temps! LOL
    Got a "cold snap" though that brought the temp down to mid-40's today! hahaha Geez, I could really get used to this! :-)

  2. Oh--me too! I prefer only seeing enough snow to make Christmas "feel" like Christmas and then zoom us right through to Spring, please! LOL