Sunday, January 1, 2012

Unhallowed ground

The area around the neighborhood looked similar to this

At some point in our lives, I am sure that most of us have gone into homes or other buildings and not been comfortable in them...but we were unsure as to why that was just a sense of unease that we felt. But what if it's not just a house, but a whole neighborhood that gave you a sense of unease...even dread?

In 1985, not long after the birth of my youngest son, my then-husband and our 6 (his/mine and our) children moved into a huge 7 bedroom house on the outskirts of a neighboring town about 30 minutes from where I live now. My husband's brother also lived on the same street, kiddy-corner from us, which is how we ended-up finding the place.

The street and an off-shoot, both dead-ended not far from where the house was...and we were surrounded by swamp land on most of all 3 sides. I can't say that I ever liked living there, despite the size of the house and the cheap was a dark place and I am not meaning just because there was a lack of windows in most of the rooms.

During the months that we lived there, there seemed to be never-ending quarrels between neighbors...and even family; the kids seemed to be out of control; the police practically lived there in the neighborhood...there seemed to be that much trouble all of the time. It was all stupid stuff, in essence, but "bad" stupid stuff that made living there rough.

For me...I hated it there. My life was a roller coaster ride between nightmares and premonitions that came true within hours. I "knew" things...and it drove me crazy because it made me moody and afraid. My physic powers were in full drive at that point and I didn't know how to handle it. 

The funny thing is that the longer we lived there, the worse the problems in the neighborhood became. The fights got worse...especially between my husband and his the point that our lives were being threatened: someone was hired to burn down the house with all of us in it. My daughter was hit by her uncle while he was riding by on a was deliberate and she suffered a gash just above her left ear. (And yes--he got into trouble for it with the law.) 

And it wasn't just family feuding between my husband and his brother...there was stuff going on all the time on that street: drug dealings, parties, car racing up and down the street...welcome to 'the hood' so to speak. It was bad and it was something I had never been exposed to nor did my kids need to be exposed to this craziness. 

Once we moved...things returned to normal for us as a family...the kids settled back down and started behaving again...and "I" returned to normal...the nightmares and premonitions all went away. I could breathe again...mentally and emotionally. 

I later did research on that area to see if there were any history on that part of town...but could find nothing specific. I thought maybe the area was used as an Indian burial ground or some kind of skirmish took place there between two tribes or the Continental soldiers as we lived along the area known as "The Sullivan Trail" (read 'Sullivan Expedition'). My other thought...was that this was a gateway to unholy spirits....but I don't know. 

What I do know is that whomever lives there...even now...their lives are constantly embroiled in drama: domestic abuse, drugs, child molesters, rapists, etc. The 2 streets have gotten even worse over the years so that it literally the 'slummy' part of the town. I won't even go near there...I can't. 

And it's one of the reasons that I will not live any place near that town...the memories of things past are still too close to the surface. 

Thanks for reading...and Happy New year!


  1. That is soooooo FREAKY!!! WOW!

    I have an aunt that I used to be close to, but there were times I felt an evil presence when I'd be around her, in my house, or in hers or her son's house. She was/is a practicing witch.

  2. There are probably still some black arts going on. This is those things are done in secret, and is generational. Or the effects can go on for generations. I remember my parents' firstborn lived only six months or so. The baby was born early and sickly, but back then they also consulted with their pandits (being Hindus)and one told them that my dad's family use to do some kind of spiritual work and my dad being the firstborn needed to continue the work. Dad refused, and the baby died. They lost a couple others before moving from that place. None of us died after the moved to the new place.

  3. I remember *mom tell us* LOL. I don't remember personally I was born last, lol

  4. @ Laura: Yes--it was freaky stuff! I believe that there are people who "draw" spirits to them, whether they are good or bad spirits. Although I have an interest in learning about the occult...for my information only...I would never practice anything like scares ME too much!

    @ Marg: That's interesting about your family...I've heard/read stories like this but you are the first person I have known that had that kind of history in their family!

  5. If I were you Deb I wouldn't do anything to learn about the occult. I believe it can be dangerous.
    And Happy New Year to you.

  6. I have to agree, I have learned a lot about the occult from William Cooper's "Mystery Babylon" series (42 episodes) and lately from Russ Dizdar, to the point where I don't want to know anymore. Still, I find that the end times stuff is too relevant to us today to ignore. Thread softly and with a big stick. I wouldn't recommend the occult without being solidly grounded in Christ, being spirit filled and indwelled and led of the Holy Spirit.

  7. @ C: No worries...I stopped with all that nonsense years ago...I think I also learned all I needed to know...and moved on!

    @ Marg: I understand...and again, no worries. I have met too much darkness in my life already (in the past) that it was enough for me to be wary of anything dealing with the occult.

    Although, I am not religious, per se...I try to live my life in the "right way" otherwise and have moved on away from anything that would corrupt me mentally/emotionally/ I know that would happen if I continued on that dark path. I've seen and felt enough to be afraid, you know?