Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Long Haul "Home" and a Broken Toe

Despite the fact that we knew we would be moving and pretty much had a target date in mind, things did not pan out the way we'd planned.  

Our intention was to rent a Uhaul and make the move in one fell swoop, which would--in theory--save us money.  

However, when it came time to price the Uhaul...the price had gone up $100 and was something we now could not afford...since we had paid a security deposit plus rent, as well as having to pay to have the electric turned on...there was just barely enough money to do anything more than 'borrow' some vehicles and pay for the gas for those vehicles to make a single trip.  (My daughter's mother-in-law volunteered to make a second to get the remaining things.)

So--in the style of the Beverly Hillbillies--we loaded up and moved on out...2 pickups and an SUV.  What lay ahead of us was almost a 2 hour trip to our new home. For Alisha's mother-in-law and I...we were looking at a mere 8 hours road time that day...Two trips TO  the old place and two trips to the NEW place!!!  (I felt like a trucker!  LOL)

My daughter stayed behind with her loaded car just to prevent what was left--another pickup truck load--from being denied us by the landlord who we couldn't trust as far as we could throw him.

By the time that the final trip commenced, it was well after midnight by the time that we made it here to our new home.  We basically walked in the door and flopped down the box springs and mattresses, found the pillows and blankets and called it a night.

The next day, as we were going through and starting to unpack and make sense of the living room and dining was in the process of taking chairs down off the table, when I dropped one on my foot, literally crushing my big toe! "OUCH!" wasn't what came out of my mouth when this happened!!!!!

So now...4 days later...and a broken toe...we are almost completely unpacked and settled.  (My daughter and I have this moving thing down to a science so that we gets done and out of the way a.s.a.p.!)  The toe feels okay...for the most part...I stopped hobbling so noticeably last night.

The upside to this move--beyond getting away from those horrid people in South Bristol, NY--is that we are back in the part of New York that we know and love.  

This area is home to me...where I feel most at peace.

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