Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Chapter

I have always believed that as we go through rough periods in our lives and as we reach the end of them, we begin a new chapter in our lives because we have grown intellectually, mentally and emotionally.  This last chapter of my life has lasted a very long time...9-1/2 years to be exact...and I am now beginning a new chapter in my life.

This chapter will be titled: "Rebirth".

All that know me well, know that I hold little to no regard for internet dating sites or chat rooms...I've seen them be the beginning of someone else's misery...meaning destroyed families and marriages.  I've tried one dating site, but was soon disgusted...and cancelled my membership after the first 24 hours.  To sites are akin to walking dark streets in a shady neighborhood at midnight...where you know that you are risking your life at the hands of criminals that you can't quite see.

 I had resigned myself to the fact that I was probably always going to remain single, that there most likely wasn't a "Mr. Right" out there for me.  So, I wasn't looking for anyone...I was just going through my daily routine on the internet...on the sites that I frequent...paying no mind to anyone in particular.

That all changed with the request of someone on Facebook to be friends...a friend of a friend or something like that.  I looked at his profile and thought 'Oh what the Heck' and confirmed the request.  Little did I know that with that tiny action, my life would dramatically change.

The friend was a man, two years (well, technically 1-1/2 years) older than I, also disabled from having bad knees and a stroke.  At first, it was just chatting...that business of saying 'Hello' and telling each other about ourselves.  It quickly evolved into a meeting of minds and finding out that we had a lot in common.  And I do mean a lot.  For me, it was like seeing myself in someone else...and everything just clicked between us.

I am not ashamed to say that he pulled the rug out from beneath me...I was very unprepared to fall for him as easily and quickly as I did.  I didn't even believe that it was possible to feel these emotions had been so long since I'd felt them and because of my breakdown, I was afraid that I would never feel this way again.  

Because of him, I can title this new chapter in my life as "Rebirth" because that's exactly what I am going through...a rebirth to the woman I was before, and yet, I am woman who is new to the world...a woman who has gotten her second chance at life.  And love.

Ahead of me lies a new day in a new I am so anxious for, while knowing that I must take one step, one day at a time to get there.  

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