Thursday, June 30, 2011

Setting Wheels in Motion

When I made my decision to move to Wisconsin to be with my boyfriend, the biggest obstacle  I had in front of me was telling each one of my (adult) children.  I was truthfully fearful of their reaction...not all sure HOW they would react.  Fortunately, my fears were unfounded.

I told my youngest first, to gauge how the other two might react.  He was shocked at first, then admitted that he thought it was a good thing, and since he could come spend a week or two on a visit...he was fine!  That was almost three weeks ago.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to talk things out with my oldest son, and I was shocked that he suggested that I do move!  The reality here is that I have lived with my daughter for most of what will be 10 years this coming November, I am quickly approaching my 53rd birthday, and have not had a life to call my own, since I am a caregiver to 3 grandchildren as well as living with them.  He told me it was way past time for me to start living my own it was easy to admit that I was doing exactly that.

The last major hurdle was to tell my daughter.  For the last couple weeks, I tried to find a time when I thought she would listen and hear me out, since she is perhaps the most critical of my 3 children...and I really believed that she would try to talk me out of moving...but each time that a chance to talk to her materialized, it slid by so fast that it was another day gone without telling her.

Sunday or Monday evening, my daughter told me that her my oldest had told her husband that I was moving in the next couple of months, and she wanted to know if it was true.  I said it was, and she actually astounded me by saying she thought it was time for me to find a life of my own!  

Wow!  To have her say that was such a relief...and a  huge weight off my shoulders.  It was a bittersweet moment, because I ached not only to be with my boyfriend, but knew that it was going to hard to leave my 3 grandchildren whom I have been with since the day each of them were born!  

Yet, in my heart, I knew...the decision I had made is the right one.  I am on my way, the wheels of change have begun and I couldn't be more happy...or more content!

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