Wednesday, May 25, 2011

As a child: A look back at Shawn Campbell's youth in photos

Shawn was born July 13, 1977, weighing 4 lbs., 13 oz.  He was a good baby...and we really didn't have many problems with his health through the years.

He was the typical all American boy...dirty hands, ripped knees in his jeans, always looking at things with the eyes of a curious child.  He played hard and slept hard!

He loved cars and trucks...loved going to stock car races too.  He's always had a fascination with vehicles and how they run...and by the time he was 13-14, he rebuilt a car engine with little help from anyone else!

He honestly never really liked school, although when he applied himself, he received high grades.  In many respects, I think school bored him.

Even as a child, he had a very charismatic personality...he loved people and people loved him!

Here...even on a cold day...he had to be outside...looking at rocks and picking up the pretty ones!

He's always loved working with his hands...which should have clued us into what professions he'd follow as an a mechanic and building houses!

Anything with a'd find him on or in!  Here he is, at about 14, zooming up the driveway on an old golf cart!

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