Saturday, May 14, 2011

From the Past: Looking back

Does this look like a murderer?
From the beginning, there have always been unanswered questions in Shawn's case...why was he targeted to take the fall...there was no proof of his guilt--and plenty of reasonable doubt--yet here is a county that was driven to convict him at all costs.

In 2008, a new set of eyes looked at Shawn's case through eyes that were far removed geographically.  KJ Mullins, a Canadian journalist wrote two stories about Shawn's case that appeared on a website called Digital Journal: A Global Digital Media Network:

Murder In A Small Town

Op-Ed: When Rumours Swirl

Both take a look at the thoughts, the facts as were known then (and now) and asks a lot of important questions. In the years since, nothing has changed except that Shawn has taken a more active role in his case, determining what will be done and how, along with having a lawyer who is willing to pull out the plugs and fight against a county that is Hell bent on keeping the truth buried.

If you are following Shawn's case, please read the above will give more background on his case...and hopefully create "reasonable doubt" within you...the reader. 

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