Monday, May 9, 2011

Is Steuben County (NY) Running Scared?

Part 3 of the story: The Handyman--My Son

The last two trips that Shawn Campbell made to the courtroom in Steuben County, located in Bath, NY has ended in disaster. Both  times, every motion his lawyer, Joseph Valley put across the table, the judge denied.  (As you may recall, these hearings were to decide whether the fact that a previous lawyer [Mr. K] was in the wrong by with-holding exculpatory evidence...which he denies doing, by-the-way.)


In court on April 25th, words and emotions escalated between Shawn's lawyer and the Assistant that it was less about Shawn's case and more about who was right in doing what. only got worse.

Today, not only did the judge deny any motions brought by Mr. Valley, but as well, he called for a conference in his chambers between Shawn, his lawyer, and both the DA and the Asst. DA.  There, things got heated so that what it boiled down to was the DA's office was putting down Mr. Valley, essentially saying that he wasn't a lawyer and questioning where and how he got his license to practice!

And why all theatrics? 

So what today boiled down to is that in front of the judge and DA's office, (DA Tunney and ADA Baker) is that Mr. Valley was giving up Shawn's case.  Can't blame him...can you?


However, there is more that the news people don't know...the fat lady isn't through singing yet!

Mr. Valley told Shawn that he was going to take Shawn's bono...and wanted to get another lawyer to come on board to help.  Steuben County figured that since Mr. Valley was a public defender, he was under their play-by-play rules...but now, it's going to get he's not being 'paid' by the county to defend Shawn!

But Shhhh...I'm letting the cat out of the bag!

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