Saturday, May 14, 2011

Part 2 of Shawn Campbell's interview: The Letters that would have changed everything.

screen grab of one of the letters sent to the District Attorney
It wouldn't be until after the sentencing that Shawn found letters that had been sent to the District Attorney's office of a "murder plot for hire" that had circulated Wende Correctional Facility in the weeks prior to Rhonda Bilby's murder. Here was information that would have been the key to PROVING Shawn's innocence.

So why was Shawn never told about them?  These letters were and are key instruments to prove that Shawn had no part in the murder of this woman.

In the interview below, the ADA Baker states that Shawn DID know about them and didn't want to pursue the issue as part of his defense.  It's a lie.

I remember when Shawn found those letters...he was extremely angry that he hadn't been told about them and I am literally the first person he called when he found them.  He was excited too...this would mean the difference between life in prison or freedom!

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