Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When is enough...enough?

Does this look like a "dangerous" dog?
In the ongoing saga of the dog tales...we seem to be on a roller coaster that is going faster and faster...downhill.  When you get that moment where you can sigh and say, "What a relief" you hope that it's the end of the whole situation and now we can move forward.

I'm here to tell you that it's not the way it is.  

Last night, we took Sammy to a 'safe' place, a few counties over, where his ordeal should have been over and we could tend to the other pressing issue at hand...packing while finding a place to move to. All-in-all, I guess it was just too much to ask to think that this would end the problem.  (Dog removed from this county = an "alive" dog.  Right?)

Well...not exactly.  My daughter called the humane office this today on her lunch break to talk to the officer handling this case, and ended-up speaking to his supervisor.  The supervisor heard how my daughter had given the dog to someone in another county and the officer proceeded to 'enlighten' my daughter, if you will, on all the things the judge "might' do.

Such as the judge making there be more requirements, like having the dog micro-chipped, so that the dog could always be "found" because he's been labeled a 'dangerous dog', that the judge could demand the dog be brought back to this county to be euthanized.  I guess the supervisor was a jerk to her.

So...tomorrow, the officer that is handling the case is coming here to verify that Sammy isn't here...and he may or may not request the address of the people who now have Samson.  I guess...we'll see where it goes from there.

I don't dare to get my hopes up too high that things will turn out okay for Sammy.  It truly irks me to no end that a dog that is gentle enough for a 3 year old little girl to lay on and play with is deemed by the law a "dangerous" dog!


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