Sunday, May 15, 2011

Evil People, dog tales and moving

Sammy and Jack
Let it never be said that all townships are the same, that every single person in them is a good person and does only good deeds.  I'm here to tell you what we are experiencing right now.

Back about 4 weeks ago, my daughter's younger AmStaff was let out by accident by yours truly about 7 in the morning.  I immediately grabbed the leash and went to get him, as he had traveled next door onto the neighbor's property.  These neighbors have 2-3 dogs, all of which are chained outside 24/7 and Sammy went up to their Yorkshire terrior and began just sniffing him.  

I called to Sammy and in the next second the dogs were fighting.  I hurried over to them, and grabbed a hold of Sammy, put the leash on him and then did my best to get the two dogs apart.  By then, the owner came out and she worked with me to get them separated...we'd get one dog to let go and the other dog would clamp on.

Within minutes though, we had the dogs separated and it was over.  Sammy and the Yorkshire were bathed in blood, as were my hands and my nightgown and bare legs. Within half an hour, a Humane Society officer had arrived, and my daughter was ticketed for having "a dog at large".  She had to go to court 2 Thursdays ago and it was postponed...until last Thursday evening.

In court, we acknowledged the 'dog at large' charge and paid the $25 fine.  No problem.

However, the Yorkshire's owner had filed papers against my daughter for having a "dangerous dog", which was also addressed that evening.  The judgement, after hearing all sides of the story (much of which was from a woman-friend of the neighbor's, who was "almost" a veterinarian--and boy did she lay on the lies!!!), including that of the Humane officer, was given: Sammy would have to be put on a leash BEFORE any doors were opened, and we would have to put up a 6 x 6 x 6 kennel that HAD to be padlocked once the dog was inside.  Okay...we understood.  We have until June 23rd to comply.

The judge also forewarned us that IF it was reported that this dog had gotten loose, or had attacked another dog and/or would be put down.  No questions asked.

Okay...I totally understand the neighbor's concerns and her shoes, I'd probably feel the same.  That's not the issue.  What is the issue is that we have a landlord who we have learned over the past 4-5 months is a deceitful and lying man...who has now jumped on the dog-hating bandwagon...and claims that Sammy tried to bite him last Sunday but instead only scratched him!

We found this out via a phone call yesterday from the Humane officer...who was going to have to turn it into the judge, even though the landlord didn't want to file papers, since he (supposedly) had given us a 7-day eviction notice that he's sold this place!  All lies.  Evil lies!!!  

We know that the landlord is friends with the neighbors...that's been a given from day one.  This is how we know that his lies are being spitefully crafted to see that Sammy IS put down.  

Now--we are are trying to find a place to move as we can't take this nonsense and subtle threats against the dog(s)'s putting too much stress on all of us and I know I am no longer sleeping well at night.  Call it paranoia if you will.  I worry that 'someone' will do something TO either one of the dogs...and there is no reason for it...other than meanness and evilness.

Sammy and Jack are great dogs and have been brought up around my 3 grandchildren since day one.  These kids can lay on them, play around with them and there is no fear of these two dogs what-so-ever.  Even though they are of pitbull lineage, they are wonderful dogs! 

I don't understand what the problem is with any of these people, but they have never once tried to make friends with us, or been 'neighborly'.  The landlord was at first wayyyy too friendly until we squashed that...he was riding his snowmobile around in our yard and just being nosy...and we do stick to ourselves and don't wish to become best buddies with any landlord!  I feel like we definitely outcasts here.  

Moving works for me...over the past couple of months...I've really grown to hate living in this has my daughter and my grandchildren.  So...we'll be moving the next few weeks!

PS:  The dog's names have been changed to protect them!  8 )

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