Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trading a nightmare for a new adventure

For the past month, we have been living under a great wave of turbulence in our lives here.  On the 8th of May, this place we've called home since February of this year, was shown to a possible buyer, who in fact did end up buying the place only two days ago.

However, since the 8th, the landlord has done nothing but leave nasty little messages on our cell phone, left a nasty note in our mailbox...all telling us to get out...and now the new owner has stepped up to the plate and begun a similar attack.

Our original lease wasn't due to expire until the end of August, rent has been paid before it was due (a month beforehand) and our security deposit was paid in full at the time of the signing of the lease.  With all that has transpired, the original owner has used the deposit against us, saying we won't get it back...or won't get it back until he does a walk through after we vacate.  Thing is, this past Tuesday, he was in here...and saw that this place is in the same condition--end to end--that it was when we rented it.  Sorry--bad excuse.

Then...suddenly...we lost water Monday morning...and had to go through a lot of drama to get it restored (supposedly the pump burned up).  Then...the landlord tried to say that the water table was way below our neighbors and it was an act of nature that he couldn't do anything about.  Give me a break!  Armed with the law read to me by the code enforcer...our water was restored.  

Since then though, the new owner has been hanging around, mowing the lawn, cutting up a fallen tree at the back of the yard...and swinging by last night to deliver a notice to vacate...not notarized or issued by a judge...and we've just had our belly full of this nonsense.  This morning will be spent on the phone trying to figure out what we can do to stop this continual harassment, until we are out (June 3rd).  

To this day, we've not received a single "legal" eviction notice.  Everything has been either hand written (in pencil) or typed...and generic.  And supposedly, according to these people, is legal!  Well, according to a deputy sheriff...they are not!

I haven't been handling the stress too well...every day I am on edge because I don't know what is going to happen next, who is going to come to the door or be puttering around outside.  

It's just not right...or fair.  We don't deserve this treatment...and nothing has been done in a legal fashion...or a moral one.

(We have found a place...2 hours away from this awful area...back near where we were before moving here.  I'm ready to go...the sooner the better!)

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