Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Email...and Truth

I received an email this morning, that I almost deleted without reading, but something told me to open it up...and I did. This is what it said:

Dear Debra,

Your life is what you make it. Your happiness depends primarily on your attitude in life, and especially on the nature and quality of your thoughts and ideas, which are more powerful than you may imagine. They’re your main weapon in your fight to lead the life you want.

You don’t see the world as it is, but as your mind sees it. In other words, all your perceptions and thoughts act as a filter between reality and you. The world is what you think it is. If you think it’s bad, you won’t be able to make progress.

Your thoughts influence your existence, as well as your environment. You’ll be happy or unhappy depending on whether your thoughts are positive or negative.

To make your ideas as powerful as possible, they have to be positive. When a negative idea enters your mind, let it come. When it goes, let it leave. Treat your negative ideas the same way you would a horse.

Just like a wild horse, you have to calm your negative thoughts. If you let them remain in your mind, they’ll go round and round like a horse trapped in a corral.

If you let the horse out, it’ll run as far as it can, and then after awhile it will calm down and become quiet.

Do the same thing with your negative thoughts. Don’t try to trap them. Instead, open the gate to the corral of your mind and let them run free. They’ll soon pass away.

If they persist, think about something positive, something good you want to achieve. With a little practice, reacting this way will get rid of your negative ideas.

In time, your mind will become calm all on its own. Negative thoughts will disappear, you’ll be more in control, and you’ll be able to change your life and the world around you.
 Your devoted friend,

Although I do not put a lot of belief in horoscopes and psychic predictions, I will admit that they do interest me in that oftentimes, they are spot on. And with this email, the timing couldn't have been better in light of that's run through my mind lately. (There was also something else about this email that struck me...she wasn't soliciting me to "buy" her psychic predictions about me!  Odd...!) 

Truth is...she struck a cord this morning...about my thoughts being negative and/or positive...and how they relate to my life. I have always been very skeptical about everything in life. I don't know when it all started, but I know that it is part of who I am. And skepticism equates to a lot of negative thoughts. 

As I stated in a couple of previous blog posts, I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on my life, trying to put it into perspective...trying to find my path in life beyond being a daughter, sister, mother and having been a wife/girlfriend over the years. 

My depression hasn't helped things...because there are always way-too-many negative thoughts...most of which are untrue...and it's no secret that my self-esteem and self-confidence has taken a beating time and time and time again over my life. 

But the way that Tara described those's exactly the way it's been in my mind, and I have just recently started to open up and let those wild horses out to wear themselves out...and it's helped immensely to quiet my heart, mind and soul. 

I know that it will take some time for me to push through to a more positive place...and I know that I have taken the biggest steps possible: to admit that there are some things that I need to let go of, not only to heal, but to find more peace of mind and spirit...and also to get my life into a more positive place. 

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  1. I'm always in your corner, wishing you much happiness & life's best!

  2. Thank you, Laura! Same back atcha!