Friday, October 7, 2011

Flying home

It's been some years since I've flown...the last time was prior to 9/11, and as we many changes have taken place. I rather dreaded the idea of going through security at Minneapolis Airport, but I'd done my best to make sure that I wouldn't have any major problems...left behind anything over 3.5 ounces of liquid (perfume) and no aerosol anything (brand new can of hairspray got left behind in WI).  I felt confident I could get through the security check with no problems!

The check-point consisted of little more than a metal detector, or that's what it looked like.  When directed to, I walked through and thought to myself I'd aced it...until I heard something beep, and an officer told me to stand aside, as I had triggered a "random check".  Of my sneakers!  Yep--they tested the bottom of my sneakers!  And of course, they came back 'clean'. Then I was on my way...headed for Philadelphia Airport. 

Being a smoker poses a bit of a problem, airports are 'no smoking' facilities, so I found my way out of the airport to a smoking area as I had a 3+ hour layover before heading to the Elmira-Corning Airport.  This meant that I would have to go through a security check again, but since I got through it once, I knew I could again.

When the time came and I had called my son, daughter and sister to let them know where I was and that everything was going fine, I made my way to the security check-point number 2. This set-up was different than in Minneapolis...this one had a body scanner I had to pass through. 

I went inside of what reminded me of a sort of tube, and was asked to raise my arms up over my head and stand still. No problem. I turned to walk the rest of the way through the area, having thought I'd aced the check...when a female security officer asked me of I had anything in my right front jean pocket.  Of course I did not, but she proceeded to 'pat' me down, seemed satisfied that I'd told the truth and let me collect my belongings.

My second flight, was going as scheduled, and as we started taxing out to the runway, the pilot came over the loudspeaker and told us that there was a steering problem and we were going back to the terminal. Apparently the problem was serious enough that the plane was grounded.

45 minutes later, we were boarding another plane and then were (for a few of us) on the last of the 35-40 minute jaunt to NY..."home" for me.  I was lucky to have a window seat and here are some photos I took.

Taken as we started to level out at 35,000 feet.

The little window I was shooting out of was scratched...on the outside...thus the faint streaks...

This one intrigued me because of the patterns that were made with the buildings below...

Clouds are amazing things....

I love the next three photos because of the contrast of the land below...the colors were amazing to see from so high above!

Lots of farm land it seems...

Nothing like the colors of the Northeast...

which I missed so much in Wisconsin. (Notice the shadows cast by the clouds at the bottom...!)

When I walked out the doors of the airport, I was sooo tempted to get down and kiss the I missed New York!!!!!


  1. Glad you're home! Nice pics from the plane.

  2. Thanks,'s good to be back in NY again!